Hjørundfjorden is an Eldorado for fishers. We bring you along on fishing trips and show you the best spots to fish!

Rent a boat

We are renting a boat, for fishing or just leisure trip around the fjord:

  • 0-2h 300 nok + petrol
  • 2-5h 500 nok + petrol
  • 1/2 day 700 nok + petrol
  • 1 day 900 nok + petrol


The salmon comes in the spring, and an increasing amount of mackerel and herring come throughout the summer. The big saithe comes as the small herring, which it greedily eats, makes its way into the fjord. There are also many Atlantic pollock and European congers – the latter can be up to 2 metres long. Angler, wolfish and Atlantic halibut are also not uncommon in these waters.


Fishing nets and longline in deep waters are most common fishing techniques during winter. The fish caught in this period is chiefly cod, haddock, cusk and ling.

River fishing

The river Vikeelva, also known as Bjørkeelva, is situated in Bjørke. Here you have the possibility of fishing salmon in the season (June-August). You can buy a fishing licence from us!

Fishing in mountain lakes

It is also possible to go fishing in mountain lakes close to Bjørke.