From jugged and precipitous mountains surrounded by wonderful nature, you can enjoy the view over the Sunnmøre Alps and Hjørundfjorden (we also go up from the back, which means a gentler slope and a higher starting point). Join us for a hike – we know where it is safe to go.

The summits and many other amazing hiking destinations have become accessible to an increasing amount of people who love to be outdoors. The following are some of the summits we can bring you to:


Very demanding

  • Jakta, 1588 metres above sea level
  • Slogen, 1564 metres
  • Hornindalsrokken, 1529 metres (county border)
  • Kvitegga, 1717 metres



  • Risenosa, 1578 metres
  • Kårdalstindane, 1490 metres
  • Bjørkehornet, 1430 metres
  • Storhornet (Bjørke), 1600 metres
  • Dukhornet, 1412 metres



  • Skårasalen, 1542 metres
  • Høgenibba, 1191 metres
  • Oddekloven, 972 metres
  • Kjerringkjeftane, 1028 metres
  • Tyssedalen, 656 metres


One should always be careful when ascending unknown summits, both in winter and in summer. We therefore recommend bringing along someone who knows the locality.

The season for summits hikes both in winter and summer is weather dependent and must always be considered before starting on a hike.


Hike ratings

Very demanding: Very demanding hike for experienced mountaineers with good physical endurance. Steep climbs and uneven surfaces. May have airy and exposed parts.

Demanding: Demanding hike for experienced hikers with good physical endurance. Inclines and possible exposed parts. Requires good hiking equipment.

 Intermediate: Hike of medium difficulty which requires basic skills. Moderate inclines with possible steep parts.

 The guide reserves the right to change the programme due to weather and/or special conditions regarding the participants.